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My extensive experience in business and marketing helps me understand your marketing goals and interpret your business needs when developing your web site. Together we will create and refine a message strategy with informative and clear content, and elegant and appealing web design throughout the web site. No matter how big or small you want your web site to be, I will meet your requirements. My clients range from small start-up companies to large organizations in a great variety of fields such as photographers, lawyers, industrial organizations, musicians, writers, designers, hotels, hair salons, online stores...VIEW MY PORTFOLIO.


Once your site is live (accessible through the Internet) you need to concentrate on web site promotion. Search engines will not automatically index your site from Day 1 and have people start to visit, unless you promote it and maintain it.  READ MORE ...


I will have the design done for you and add a CMS - Content Management System - to the web site. The system will allow you to easily and quickly add/replace/delete text, images, music files, videos, and links. All this while maintaining the integrity of the overall design. The CMS doesn't require any training or knowledge of HTML. Training will be provided. Contact me for more information.

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