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4 Ways Keyless Locks Will Improve Your Commercial Security And Access

Security at the workplace is critical. Typically, your entryways are your first line of defence against burglary attempts. Therefore, it's imperative to be mindful of the locks you use on your external and internal commercial doors. Locks come in many different options. However, keyless locks have become more prevalent. As the name implies, you don't need a physical key to unlock your commercial doors. Instead, the keyless system relies on a magnetic or electronic locking mechanism, authorised credentials, sensors, or hybrid systems that combine various locking mechanisms.

Keyless entry systems have several advantages, and here are four reasons to consider them for your commercial space.

Improved Security

Security is the top reason you'd want to upgrade your current locks. Keyless locks come with better security. First, because of the tendency to lose traditional keys, they can be duplicated easily. This isn't the case with keyless entry systems. First, some keyless entry systems like biometrics are tailored to an individual. Therefore, you don't have to worry about someone accessing your building without the right credentials.

Controlling people's access to your building is also easy with keyless entries. For instance, despite having the unique credentials needed to grant access to your commercial building, you can easily control how long the credentials last or how long they can grant access to the building. Changing passwords and access codes are also easy with keyless entry systems. And if a key card is lost, erasing the previous credentials and programming new ones is effortless and quick.

Most keyless entry systems also come with timesheet tracking abilities. That means you can always track anyone entering and leaving your building, which is ideal for enhancing security.


Versatility is another reason to consider keyless locks for your commercial space. You can select from a wide range of options or a combination of options to suit your needs. Biometrics, key fobs and proximity key cards are a few options you may consider for your keyless entry systems. Besides improved security, this versatility also offers excellent convenience.

Remote Access

Keyless entry systems allow for cloud-managed or remote access. This is essential as it offers easy management. For instance, if you have a business in multiple locations, it would be easier to replace or reprogram key cards, revoke access credentials, authenticate credentials, track entry activities, etc.

Compatibility With Alarm Systems

Most commercial spaces have advanced alarm systems. And one advantage of having keyless locks is that most are compatible with many alarm systems. Therefore, you can use your keyless locks to trigger your alarm.

A commercial locksmith can help recommend and install a keyless system for your property.