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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Door Handles

With the current huge product range on the market, selecting the right door accessories might be challenging. However, your choice for handles is not just for design and style purposes, but a way of complementing your security plan.  The following tips might help you make the right selection:

1.    Knobs or handles

If you haven't already made spindle holes on your door, the first consideration you need to make is whether you need door handles or door knobs. In this respect, you will have to look at the function and practicality for either of the two before settling on one. Who will be using the door? Which handle is the best regarding aesthetic value?  

Note that, children and the elderly would find door knobs slightly complicated to use as they require twisting and turning, which involves the wrist. Handles are less complicated as compared to knobs. However, it would also be more comfortable for children if knobs are installed as they are less likely to catch clothing hence avoiding injury. Carefully considering this will lead to a better choice between the two.

2.    Style and design

Styles and designs are done in both contemporary and traditional appeals. As per the taste and value, you want to add to your home, and the price range, you will need to decide whether you want a traditionally designed handle or a more contemporary one. 

3.    The purpose

Door handles are designed for specific purposes. Therefore it would be essential to use the right handle for the right task. For instance, pull handles are purposed for doors that need to be pulled outwards to open, such as drawer doors and cupboards. They can be installed separately or with a lock.  Ideally, you need to decide whether you will buy the handles separately with locks or you will go for a fitting that combines both. You might not want all the doors fitted with locks, or you want some to have locks on, such as cupboards; you need to ensure that they are available in the range of handles that you are purchasing.

Finally, if you are purchasing handles for a commercial premise, you need to be sure that they will be able to withstand the constant opening and closing that comes with high traffic environments. You should be sure that they are sturdy enough and will not wear off easily. Additionally, door handles that are within each other's view should have the same colour and design to give a more appealing finish.