Locks, Keys and Safes: Buying, Repairing and Maintaining

4 Ways to Prevent Break-Ins and Intrusions in Your Office

Security is very critical in a business establishment. Without it, people and property can be in danger, and important or sensitive business and client information can land in the wrong hands. However, security is subjective and depends on how safe you want the place to be and what you are trying to protect. That said, here are some of the best ways to ensure your business premises is safe and secure from break-ins and access by unauthorized individuals.

Security Policies

It is absolutely critical that everyone knows that security starts with them and not just the management. To ensure everyone is taking responsibility for their security, have regular training and drills to teach and prepare everyone for their role. There should be strict policies and procedures regarding security such as locking the door always and carrying the access card at all times.

Access Control

A place of business should not be open to everybody who is passing by. Though it is not possible to give guests a key card, the receptionist or security guard can be put in charge of letting authorized people in the building. Employees should always have their access card with them so the system can record their activities throughout the day. For those places that require more security such as the data room, management offices and server room, biometrics technologies like fingerprint systems, facial recognition and iris scanning can be used for access control.


Surveillance systems play a huge role in ensuring your property is secure. Security cameras can monitor all the activity happening inside and outside the office building and also keep the records to go through later. Apart from having cameras throughout the perimeter, it is also essential to hire security personnel from a reputable security firm that provides highly trained, vetted and reliable people to safeguard your property and the people working therein.

Fire Safety

Sometimes, the threat to your company may not be people from outside but internal factors such as fire and water. Have the proper mechanisms to fight a fire and conduct fire drills every once in a while, so everyone knows what to do in case there is a fire. The building should also be safe and furnished with fire escape doors, wide stairs and other alternative means of getting out if there is an emergency.

Apart from ensuring your property and business is safe, security enables your employees to work in peace because they know they are safe. You should work with a company that is reputable in creating business security solutions and training employees on how to use them.