Locks, Keys and Safes: Buying, Repairing and Maintaining

How to Secure Your Home After Leaving an Abusive Relationship

Leaving an abusive relationship is extremely difficult, and unfortunately, the danger isn't over the moment you leave your partner.

If you shared a home with your partner, your partner had access to your home, or your partner knows your address, then securing your property is extremely important.

On top of making a safety plan and seeking support from friends, family, and local charities, you need to take some practical steps to keep yourself safe.

Keep reading for a detailed breakdown on how to secure your home.

Change All Your Locks 

If you ex-partner holds keys to your house, it's imperative that you change your locks as soon as possible. Many locksmiths operate 24/7, so you could have new locks installed just a few hours after ending your relationship by a 24/7 locksmith if you're afraid of your partner.

Even if you never gave your partner a key to the house, it's wise to be on the safe side and have locks changed anyway. It's possible that your partner had keys cut secretly or took spare keys without your knowledge.

Change locks on doors, windows, gates and garages - don't focus only on the front door.

Reinforce Doors and Windows 

If any of your doors or windows create an easy access point to your home, now is the time to have them properly reinforced.

Metal security doors make it harder for anyone to break in from the ground floor, and reinforced windows with metal bars and secure locks keep every floor of your home secure.

It's always better to be safe than sorry, so don't be afraid to spend more for extra reinforcements.

Install an Alarm System 

Installing an alarm system which automatically contacts the emergency services the moment it's triggered is a smart way to keep your home safe and secure, even when you're asleep.

Most alarms work using motion sensors which are triggered when an intruder crosses the threshold into your home. If you already have a security system and your ex-partner knows how to deactivate it, be sure to change the code.

Consider CCTV Cameras

If you're worried about your ex stalking you, harassing you, or otherwise trying to intimidate you, CCTV cameras can provide valuable evidence. They also act as a visual deterrent and can dissuade abusive ex-partners from trying to enter your home.

The period after leaving an abusive relationship is often the most dangerous. Stay safe with these tips for securing your home by changing locks, reinforcing points of entry and updating security systems.