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Automobile Locksmith Vs. Auto Dealer For Car Key Replacement: Why You Should Choose The Locksmith

Losing or misplacing the car keys has to been one of the most frustrating experiences for any car owner. Breaking into your own vehicle is not a practical option and has too many cons to it, which leaves you with getting your car keys replaced.

For car key replacement, your two main options are an automobile locksmith or your car dealership.  The former has proven itself the better alternative over the latter for several reasons, including the two highlighted below

It Will Cost You Less

Walk into any auto dealership today seeking a car key replacement service, and the service charge quoted will be more than enough to send you running all the way to your local automobile locksmith. Auto dealerships generally charge more than locksmiths to replace car keys. How much more they charge will depend on several factors including the make and model of the car. It is not uncommon to find that some dealerships charge up to three times as much as automobile locksmiths for this service.

It will Save You Time and Is More Convenient

With auto dealerships, you may be forced to wait for up to two weeks before you can get your replacement key.  That is not to mention the inconvenience that comes with having to physically visit the dealership in order to provide details and get the process started.  This will mean taking time off of what may be a busy day for you in order to make the visit and going through the hassle of finding transport to the auto dealer, especially if they are on the other side of town.

On the other hand, automobile locksmiths are very mobile and will have no problem coming out to you. Most automobile locksmiths offer 24/7 emergency services, which is always a great relief, because you don't have to wait around for the nine-to-five timeline to request their services.   Unlike auto dealerships, locksmiths will have your car key replacement within a few hours or a couple of days at most. You enjoy the ultimate convenience during the service and don't have to wait too long to get your keys.

To get value for your money and enjoy the benefits of choosing a 24 hour mobile locksmith as highlighted, it is important to find the right locksmith. This will involve doing some research. Find an automobile locksmith with all the equipment and quality workmanship for a reliable car key replacement service.