Locks, Keys and Safes: Buying, Repairing and Maintaining

Locksmiths and Their Services

Locksmiths are professional tradespeople who specialise in the installation, adjustment and repair of security lock devices. Everybody needs the service of a locksmith at one point in their life. There are many reasons for this, such as when someone loses their house or car keys and need an urgent replacement. However this is not the only service that locksmiths provide.

Here is a list of services provided by locksmiths:

  • Key cutting: Locksmiths can duplicate and create new keys for both residential and commercial buildings as well as for windows and vehicles. People may need key cutting for a new home they are moving into or renting out.
  • Electronic key programming: All vehicle security keys are now electronically operated. These can become damaged easily, especially by people with pets and young children. Locksmiths can effectively program and reprogram these keys for their clients. 
  • Locks for safes: Safes are used by a large proportion of the population to store their valuables. It is not uncommon for people to forget their code or lose their safe keys. Locksmiths can reopen safes whose keys have been misplaced or codes are forgotten. They can also repair these devices as well.
  • Locks for windows: The locks for windows are just as important as the ones for doors! The safety of many buildings depends on properly functioning window locks, as these can be the primary mode of entrance for intruders. Locksmiths specialise in window locks. They not only can repair and install new locks but also recommend the best type of lock for windows. 
  • Specialty keys: These include keys such as master keys and restricted keys. Master keys are important for every business's security system, allowing certain personnel to access multiple areas of the building. Restricted keys are those that need written permission to be duplicated. 

Why hire a locksmith?

Locksmiths are specialists in their field of work. They know which lock is suited to which purpose. There are, however, some points to consider. If one is hiring a locksmith for a commercial property, then it is a good idea to hire the same locksmith again when needed. This is because this locksmith will become familiar with the locks of the building and will not only get the job done faster but they will also be aware of any issues present. When hiring a locksmith for any property, ensure that they are trusted within the community and be sure to check out reviews of their service.