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Home Security Tips: 4 Impregnable Ways to Secure Your Windows from Burglars

Your home's security is not complete without burglar proofing your windows. In most homes, windows act as points of vulnerability that give thieves easy access to the home. All they need is to break the glass or unlatch the locks. For the house to be completely secure, you need to make your windows impregnable. Here are five security measures you can employ.

Invest in Window Security Locks

Unlike conventional window latches that can be easily manipulated, security locks come with features that prevent manipulation. Some examples include the following:

  • Keyed locks which can be locked and unlocked using a key
  • Hinge wedge locks for securing double-hung windows
  • Pin locks to prevent burglars from lifting ground floor windows 
  • Sash locks which lock the sash of the window and prevent it from opening

There are various security locks for different window styles. Find the ones best suited for your home's windows to prevent break-ins.

Install Sensors and Window Alarms

Sensors and window alarms are effective security systems for deterring would-be burglars from your home. Window sensors detect when a window has been opened and send an alert to your phone. They can be paired with alarms to deter intruders from your home. When someone tries to break the glass or manipulate your window, the alarm will go off to notify you of a break-in.

Invest in Tempered Window Glass

There are times when sensors and alarms won't deter intruders, especially if they know no-one is home. In this case, you need sturdy windows that can withstand manipulation. Tempered glass is a tamper-resistant and shatter-proof glass that's ideal for securing windows. When broken, the glass doesn't shatter into pieces. Instead, it crumbles but remains intact. Burglars will find it hard, if not impossible, to break through this type of glass and access your home.

Tint Your Windows

For intruders to break in through your windows, they first peep to see what's in the house. If your windows are made of clear glass, this makes it easy for them to survey your home and time their break-ins. Prevent this by tinting your windows. Preferably, buy window tint that has one-way film. The film allows you to see the outside, but it doesn't let anyone see inside the home. Since thieves don't want to walk in blindly, they will stay away from your home altogether.

Windows can break your home's security and expose you to burglary. Follow these simple ways to beef up window security, prevent break-ins and secure your valuables!